Feeding Program Sponsor - The Agape Orphanage
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Feeding Program Sponsor

How to sponsor a child in our Feeding Program

We have purchased land in Mtsiliza which is a village inside the city of Lilongwe and built. The land is at Mtsiliza Village in Area 49/56 just past Area 25. Here we built a simple building on this site for our center to reach the children in this community who are orphanaed. Here the children to eat, we show them love through pyhsical and spiritual food. Our simple center is still without doors and windows but the building keeps the rain off the children, as we feed and sit and give them time and attention, and mentor and teach them.


Still needed in this building are windows, doors, benches, a lock and a outdoor latrine.


In this program we feed the children on Saturdays beginning with morning tea and porridge, lunch and supper. The menu for lunch and supper is maize, vegetables and a very small portion of beef. On Thursday’s we feed one late afternoon meal.


On Saturday these children feel loved and special. We feed them and then spend the day giving spiritual activities and then spend time singing and playing games.


We have 55 children in our program, but 110 children show up which we cannot feed.


Ways you can help is by helping us provide food for this program. Very specific needs for food is maize, vitamins in the maize for nutrition, beans, clean water, and vegetables. Our hope is to feed them a small amount of beef and beans for a variety for protein. Our dream is to provide mosquito nets for the home they stay in, for more mentorship, exercise books and uniforms provided so they can go to school and:


1. Sponsor a child who lives in the village by providing money for an education and support the feeding program so they can eat 3 meals a week.

2. Sponsor a child to receive clothes.

3. Sponsor a child to receive books.

4. Sponsor the completion of the building or any of the items listed above that still need to be done.

5. Sponsor a child’s summer or winter pack which includes a mosquito net, pj’s etc