Children's Home - The Agape Orphanage
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Children’s Home

Building for Agape Children

Purchased Land and Commenced construction in 2014


During 2014 we purchased 15 acres at Msundwe, 2 km past Msundwe Trading Center on Mchinji Road or known also as M12. We are approximately 40 minutes from the capital city of Lilongwe.

We have an average of 40 children and 14 staff in our orphanage

Our children at the home have started at a new school.

Hiring of a full time pastoral couple on site.

Purchased Land and Built a Feeding Center in Mtsiliza


In 2014 in Mtsiliza Village within the capital city of Lilongwe in 2014. We purchased a small plot inside the capital city of Lilongwe in Area 56 (Mtsiliza Village) and built a center for our feeding program where we serve from 55-110 children.

Read more about this under the menu tab Projects – Village Feeding Program or click here.

Building Accomplishments


In 2015, by Msundwe, we completed:


  • Well & Pump house
  • Guard house
  • Garage
  • 2 of 16 foot high water towers
  • Girls Dorm
  • Boys Dorm
  • Kitchen
  • Duplex
  • Administration Foundation
  • 22 Panels of Fencing

We are currently building the fence for protection of our children and finishing the interior of both duplex and kitchen. The boys dorm and duplex are now complete with glass in the windows.



1. Fencing is a priority. Each fence panel is 12’L x 8’H, at a cost of $ 250.A donation towards a fence panel can be made in dedication of a loved one.

2. Provide a vehicle for transportation.

3. Farm our land – prepare & fertilize for partial sustainability by planting crops.

4. Establish feeding programs in the local villages close by.

You can read more under the journal article about the construction of the home for the children.


Currently we have completed a girls and boys dormitories in 2014 and 2015. The dormitories house 4 house mothers as well as 20-24 children each. A dorm for the girls and one on the other side of the campus for the boys.


In between will be a large kitchen area for the family to eat together and to worship together. Built in 2014/15.


We hope to place mission team huts for future mission teams to come on site as well as a administration building (foundation currently built) for the administration of the work that God will continue to unfold.


If you are interested in helping to donate towards one of these buildings, please help us as this is no small undertaking. For any donation apply child sponsorship, building donation, guardian fence, in any way you wish to your gifts of gratitude in helping others. We will honour those requests of where you wish to donate the funds towards and thank you in advance already for any donation.


In the background you can see the 1st dorm close to completion.


The Agape Orphanage Foundation is a registered charitable Christian foundation dedicated to care for orphaned children in Malawi with God as our foundation and Jesus Christ as our cornerstone.


Transforming a child’s life one day at a time helps build tomorrow. We equip them with life skills and development to transition them into adulthood and to become leaders in their communities. As well we provide a sense of belonging and community through creating a loving family environment at our home.


Our work continues to have a powerful impact not only on the children under our care, but also on the larger community as a whole. We provide a sense of dignity and support for the staff by training and educating them for daily life at the center.


Our praise report is that we have purchased land by Msundwe approximately 40 minutes out of the capital city of Lilongwe. On these 15 acres a lot of work and construction has been going on for many months to move the family onto the land in time for them to attend their new school in September. So far we have built 2 dorms, separating girls from boys with house mothers living in each dorm. We are completing the kitchen, which will be the communal center of their gathering for meals and worship.