Where We Serve - The Agape Orphanage
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Where We Serve

Heart of Africa

Where we serve is in the beautiful warm heart of Africa, a country called Malawi.

The children’s home that we are currently renting is in the capital city of Lilongwe.

Malawi Map
Malawi Map

We are in District 13. We are just 2 km past Msundwe Trading Center opposite the twin communications towers. We can see both Mozembique and Zambia on a clear day.


The people in Malawi are a warm and loving people with beautiful traditional dance and big smiles.


Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world with a population of 34 million. Malawi has a population of 16 million people.  Malawi is 1/6th the size of Alberta and 1/5 of Malawi land mass is a beautiful lake called “Lake of The Shining Stars”, or Lake Malawi.  When the sun hits the water the sparkle of the surface of the lake is like beautiful shining stars.

Malawi is a tropical country and Malaria runs high as well as many other diseases. Aids is a recorded estimate of 12% but many people are not recorded of having aids. The Aids population is approx 15% and that is about 2.4 million people infected with HIV/Aids.


Beautiful vista appear on the horizon and those less appealing dot the countryside. Vans (mini-buses) loaded with passengers, accidents due to poor policies for transportation of goods, laundry out on the brush, beautiful mountains and brush, typical villages and a need for garbage clean-up and the contrasts go on.

Typical countryside village.
Typical countryside village.
Laundry at the creek.
Laundry at the creek.