At Your School - The Agape Orphanage
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At Your School

Get Involved

Your school can partner with The Agape Orphanage Foundation to give hope and to rescue vulnerable and at risk children from poverty and destitution, providing restoration to these children for a future filled with hope.


Make this your movement to make a difference in lives


  1. Contact us to come give a presentation at your school for Agape to share their mission.
  2. We will help you to organize a fundraiser for your school.
  3. We’ll provide you with all the necessary “Agape Orphanage Foundation” materials and resources necessary to run a successful fundraiser.


We have had some wonderful teens get involved in fundraising through many different ways. Here are ways that you can become involved. If you have ideas and wish to get involved, please contact us.

Young people tell us often that they feel that no one seems to care about making a difference. You are not alone. Here you can join an international community of youth making a difference. This is your world. This is your movement. This is where it all starts.


Put your unique skills and talents to work. Join hands with us


  • Bottle drives and collection of bottles.
  • Garage sales.
  • Lunch programs.
  • Organize for a presentation at your school for Agape to come on campus and share.
  • Share with others how to get involved by adding our Facebook account and keep checking the website.
  • Organize a fundraiser at your school with a team leader from Agape.
  • Ask for newsletters and other free resources to pass around.
  • Volunteer.