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Children's Home

Currently we live in the city of Lilongwe. We live with 36 kids. We range from the age of 1 to the age of 17 years of age.  With many in our family it is orderly chaos to get ready in the morning early, to eat and then go off to school. School starts early and ends early. We are all enrolled in school except the youngest members.

We eat a nutrient enriched porridge for breakfast. Then for lunch and supper, our meals vary between maize (nsima), beans, beef, fish, chicken, vegetables and other foods. 

Every week after school we get our chores done, then we worship or sing and dance together. 



These children live inside a village inside the capital city.  Poverty destroys hope. By feeding these children we not only feed them physically, but we also offer hope. These boys and girls come to our program on Saturday's where they eat maize (nsima), a little bit of beef and vegetables. After eating they get taught a small program and get to sing and play and then one more meal for supper. But more than food is giving. They leave with hope for tomorrow. 

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