Ways you can help - Gifts of Agape Love  

We are a Canadian Registered Charity # 86436-6646RR0001   

Your donation benefits the children in Malawi directly  and has a huge impact on the quality of life for these children.  

Please consider partnering through donation today.  You can make a difference!  


How to donate:  

1.) Click the button below to pay securely using Paypal. (Visa, AMEX, Mastercard Accepted)   

2.) We accept over the phone for a direct debit or credit card withdrawal with our debit machine. 

3.) Use the "CONTACT US" button and please provide a phone number or email and we contact you.   

4.)  Please send your cheque or money order to:  

The Agape Orphanage Foundation,

Box 5454, 

Devon, Alberta, Canada 

T9G 1Y2    


Changing Lives - Ways to Help 


Sustainability Fund


A.) Rose of Sharon - $84 a month ($1000 a year)  100 donors x $1000 a year meets our basic operational expenses for Agape.

This is our basic monthly sustainability plan. This is a monthly commitment towards sponsoring our program/child. We need committed montly sponsors as this covers the cost to run both the Children's Home (Orphanage) and the Feeding Program.    


B) $ 40/month  Combined Donor Sponsorship of a child


C) Farm Project - Prepare the fields, build ridges, fertilize, and manure the land for partial sustainability of food. 


D) Vehicle Fund- we need a vehicle for transportation of sick children at night and during the day as well as pick up supplies.


  • Help us achieve partial sustainability of food through farming our land and having cattle, goats and chickens....
  • Our feeding program - Family of God currently runs Saturdays at Mtsiliza Village where we feed between 55-110 orphaned
  • House new feeding programs in the villages bordering on our headquarters/children's home 




E) Fence Project 

We are still in the process of constructing buildings on site, as well as looking forward to completion of other buildings.  

  • Huge "current needs" project to build a brick fence for protection of our children on site as well as our staff and assets. This fence requires apporximately 364 panels of brick fence. Each panel is 12' feet long and' feet high. The cost is appoximately 85,000.
  • Fence Fund:  help with our fence is to to daonate $250.00 and you will have a section of fence dedicated to a loved one.    

F) Building 

  • Complete the kitchen and duplex
  • Future goals are to build an administration building and mission team. We know the power of mission trips and know that God works through stirring of hearts both at home and abroad. 


Other ways to show love to Agape children


G) Agape Love Essentials - $ 22.00 - $ 66.00  Our foundation will help you select a gift, mostly focused on the needs of children, for people in needy or underdeveloped communities. This could be as simple as $22 for school supplies or $66 for a 50 kg bag of high protein Red beans 55 kg bag. When you select your gifts, you will be sent special cards including a picture and information about the impact that gift will have on those receiving it.    


H) Health Donor Gift Card - Any denomination from $25.00 - $ 100 

 The Agape Orphanage Foundation mission is to help save children’s lives through simple improvements such as vaccinations, proper nutrition and medicine. Our organization has created gift categories ranging from emergency help to immunizations to education. When you select a gift, you can dedicate it to a friend or loved one, who will then receive a card. Summer Child Packs (includes a mosquito net) $40 and Child Christmas Packs $ 50 are particularly appreciated around the winter holidays. Medicines purchased are used for antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-parasitic drugs, deworming medications, disposable syringes, gastrointestinal drugs, painkillers and surgical supplies.   


I) Summer Child Packs- $40.00  

 Includes a mosquito net, (Malaria is a tropical killer and Mosquito Nets are the most effective way to help during mosquito season) a pair of slip ons, clothing suitable to the childs age.   


J) Christmas Gift Pack for a Child - $50.00  

Includes hygiene (soap and lotion), toothbrush and toothpaste, pair of PJ's, uniform and a small treat.    


K) Buy a Christmas Dinner for 1 child - $10.00 per child    

Chicken and Goat, Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruit, Sobo Drink, & Dessert   


We are committed to responding to the needs of 

hungry children physically and spiritually


Any gift you give today will help provide the emergency food children need to survive — vitamin-rich beans, maize, and other nutritious grains and vegetables. 

The Agape Orphanage Foundation offers a perfect gift for loving people to receive a gift and impact lives that have been affected by hunger, loss and sickness, which our organization fights against every day. Maybe there is a friend on your list who you knew would truly appreciate having a donation to The Agape Orphanage Foundation made in their name, rather than receiving a tangible gift.  

Making a donation to The Agape Orphanage Foundation is a great way to show your friends, family members, co-workers and even clients that you are thinking about them any season of the year, as well as sending a message that you are mindful of the needs in your community and respectful of their interests. Whether you make a donation instead of purchasing a traditional gift or as an add-on, this is a truly thoughtful opportunity to spread a message of cheer and charitable giving during the any season.  

It's easy to set up a charitable gift for the people on your list who will appreciate such an expression of generosity.  

Gifts of love provide food for our orphaned and vulnerable children at the orphanage. We have just under 50 children whose lives are directly affected by hunger and loss. We also have a feeding program for 50-65 orphans in a village who get fed by us on Saturdays. We thank you in advance for making such a wonderful gesture of love to these children. We buy deep red kidney beans which are high in protein as one of their staple foods, along with vegetables and maize and rice. Our bags we purchase are 50 kg bags and we are grateful to support and take care of these children in Malawi.    

Thank you for giving so generously and please keep these vulnerable orphaned children in your prayers.   

We are deeply appreciative of any donation for any amount. Remember it ALL goes directly to the orphanage! 


If you have any questions please contact us.







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