The Children

We have seen our children grow, learn and experience true happiness.  This is the first place where many of the children have experienced a sense of belonging and a feeling of safety.  Here, they learn to read and write and dream of the future.  We are building, discipling and traing them as individuals. We value and add to their feeling of self- worth.  They hear about how Jesus loves them and how He has a wonderful plan for their lives.  They are part of our loving family in Malawi.  We are so proud of our beautiful children in Malawi.

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Here is Reegan who came in early March of 2012. When Reegan arrived he was severely malnourished and cried most of the time.  After a few short weeks, there was a marked difference in him.  His skin and hair returned to normal and he found comfort in the love of his caregivers.               

Picture 1 of Reegan as he came then as he grows and now today as Reegan plays with his best friend Ryan.         

We are a home not a orphanage. 

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Now, after a month, he is so much stronger! He has been eating well and gets lots of attention. His skin has cleared up quite a bit and he sleeps well. He even likes the women as well as the men now. There is never a shortage of hands to hold this little one. He is often strapped on the back of one of the children or staff members here, and is now quite content.

They are given another chance to grow up and become dynamic members of their community.

In Malawi there approximately 2,000,000 people are infected with HIV/AIDS. (this is 12% of 16,000,000 people, but this may not reflect a true accurate number. It could be much higher)


The children are reflective of that statistic.  For those children who are living with HIV we focus on the living not the dying.  God loves them and has a plan for their life.  We seek to honor each child’s life no matter their circumstance and offer them growth and make memories in.  A place to belong and feel safe, to get an education and find their purpose, and to be healed.


Our Children are Deeply Valued   



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