2016 Updates

 21 panels completed and 2016 we will be working on the next 21 panels as well as finishing more little projects around the home.





One of our hopes is to bring a energy efficient outdoor stove on site as firewood is very expensive. The stove we have is to small to cook the big pots of food on. We use the stove for small items that need to be cooked. 

The bricks below are made on site and then used for the buildings or fencing. 

Looking to complete the finishing of the duplex as well as paint the boys dorm.

There is a need for tables and chairs, desks, and book cases so we can start bringing books over for the children to start using. 



2015 Updates


Girls dorm with painting, begga bars on the entrance, shelving and plumbing. 

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A pump house is built for the well. A concrete roof on this one as tin they can scrap back and steal the pump. 


Kitchen roof going up 2015


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11865162 994331153963946 3411882080751604932 o  duplex


Other exciting buildings - pump house, boys dorm gets windows, outdoor toilets ....





The latest update: 

December 2014 

In September we moved onto the new Agape site. The children immediately started school locally.

Currently we are working on finishing up several buildings. 

Below is the picture of the garage and the first of the dorms. An identical dorm is at the other side of the complex except for the boys.

There is a large kitchen for the family to eat and work together, and completion date should be shortly.

As well their is a foundation build for an administration and duplex building.

We are also building a pump house for the well. Our plan is a concrete roof on this one as tin they can scrap back and steal the pump. 

The cost of any trips is by our own personal expenditure and your donations are directly put towards helping these children. It is challenging at times as all of our personal time and finances are donated to help bring healing to the children in Malawi. Your dollar goes to the children. 



Here they are "pointing" above the ring beam on the dorms for a finished look. 


pointing the outside


Finishing the Dorm for the Girls


building 1      parging walls inside


Septic tanks (3 large septic disposal systems completed. This is the first system. 


septic                    septic finished


The Agape Orphanage Foundation




Building Foundations are laid for the administration and duplex. 


admin building

 Working on the fence. 21 panels completed and only 343 more panels needed at a cost of $250 Canadian each.

 working on the fence

Creating the Driveway Entrance

driveway 2      driveway 1

Brick is moulded, then dried, then fired up in a temporary kiln and baked. 

brick nould    bricks get ready for burning   burning of the bricks   


After 3 months we have purchased 14 beautiful acres of land. A new home for the children's home. 


Malawi Dec 2013 308a


Here we hope to build a Girls dormitory, a Boys Dormitory, a large kitchen with a worship center, an administration building, and eventually mission hut's to bring in mission teams to visit and see a whole new way of life.  We started with a pilot project of the guard house and the garage. As we got to know the local villagers, we were able to hire many of them to work on site. Working through some gliches, we were able to complete the first 2 buildings with red clay bricks. The guard house now sits at the front of the yard were we will build a fence that will have a large gate and it will extend eventually around the property. We are calling this our guardian fence and there is ways to contribute to help the building of the fence. (see ways to donate)  With the garage being built we now had an enclosed and lockable place to store all our equipment and keep it locked at night, with guards. 

The next challenge was to get water.  We dug 3 holes and on the 3rd hole we reached water. 


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The next part of this project was to start building with hydraform bricks the rest of the buildings. Hydraform blocks are composed of soil and mixed with cement. Green" (fresh) Hydraform blocks are stacked and covered with black plastic to avoid moisture loss. The blocks are then watered daily to create a green house effect, allowing the cement to harden and the blocks to strengthen. Hydraform recommends 250micron black plastic for curing. Cure your Hydraform blocks for a minimum of 7 days and allow the block to dry for another 7 days before building. This will ensure strong good quality blocks.

Currently we are working on completing the girls dorm and the boys dorm with hydraform bricks. Our workers are breaking up termite hills to be used in the mix for the hydraform bricks with cement etc. 

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